Since 2005, Jessica “Razzi” Wrubel has been working with independent musicians and comedians to keep their businesses flourishing so that they can do what they do best, create and entertain!


​​Jessica Wrubel’s passion for music was the seed from which her businesses has grown. She began as a professional chef, taking photos at the shows of her favorite musical acts and soon developed the nickname “Razzi,” short for paparazzi. After the musicians and comedians saw some of the photographs she was taking, they began to hire her to shoot their appearances and soon Jessica “Razzi” Wrubel was one of Providence’'s in-demand music photographers.


​Jessica has expanded her passion from taking photographs to designing event posters and designing online promotions for artists including comedienne, AmyTee (All OUT Film’s, Laughing Matters, Next Generation) as well as musicians, Becky Chace (Five Year Winner, Best Female Vocals, The Providence Phoenix), and Wendy Colonna (“Best Singer-Songwriter in Austin, TX 2007″).​


The process of going from concert photographer to production company and media facilitator was easy for Wrubel. She says, “As I got to know the artists I was photographing, I realized that Providence had a wide-open niche for these types of services and shows. . .These artists needed someone to photograph them, design promotional posters and online flyers. A lot of musicians just want to make music. I really try to customize the work I do for these artists.”


​“Razzi” also provides customized artists’ service packages to suit each individual artist’s needs. From tour routing and booking to event publicity to web-design to social networking administration to poster design and mailings, Jessica is committed to serving artists at the level of their needs.