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In the days since Rick Ruben got Johnny Cash to cover a Soundgarden song the intersection between metal and country is no longer novel. In both genres authenticity is paramount, and so it makes sense that Linden Wood occupies that intersection with easy confidence. Born in rural California and a long time Oregon resident Linden has been a performing musician since his early teen years. Equally at home in Americana and American metal he has spent more than a decade building a regional following both as roots inflected singer-songwriter and a vocalist and guitarist in multiple bands. He has appeared on stage at the Warped Tour in 2012 and in support of touring acts including Prong, Trivium, Soulfly, and Floater. A confident solo performer Linden has built a reputation for holding audiences with passionate performances and unforced charm. When not commanding the stage on his own he currently serves as vocalist and lead guitarist for 30 Pound Test and Rachelle DeBelle and the Jamfest Miracles. He can also be heard extensively on the recordings of country artist Junior Raimey.

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